Close Quarter with Russell Group’s Suki Basi

Welcome to the latest edition of Close Quarter with Suki Basi, founder and managing director at Russell Group.

Recent events, such as the blocking of the Suez Canal, have heightened the need for companies and (re)insurers to monitor their exposures when concentrated in certain areas. 

After Russell Group published a new report highlighting concerns surrounding rising accumulations at ports – Why Understanding Global Trade is Key to Modelling Rising Port Accumulation – we invite Basi to discuss whether the industry is doing enough to monitor exposure in ports and what his company is doing to help (re)insurers in this regard.

During the interview, we ask our guest to share his thoughts on the following:

  • Why the industry needs to better model its accumulations at ports
  • Does the data exist to model these accumulations
  • Why the growth of mega containerships has heightened the need to model accumulations

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