BDA’s Hart: The Bermuda Risk Summit will return in 2024

Following the success of this year’s Bermuda Risk Summit, which attracted over 450 attendees, the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA)’s CEO David Hart has confirmed the event will once again return in 2024 for a third year.

Big industry topics and names were present over the three-day event, which took place at the Hamilton Princess.

The industry convened on topics such as renewal dynamics; Florida legislation and reforms; ILS appetite; the growth of the specialty market in Bermuda; cyber; talent; legacy; and Bermuda’s importance and relevance in the global (re)insurance market.

Commenting on this year’s event while talking with The Insurer TV, Hart said: “It's been an exciting week for all of us on the BDA team and our board of directors, and frankly all of Bermuda.

“The event has really become what our vision originally was, that this would be a must attend event to celebrate Bermuda's risk and reinsurance sector and I feel very gratified at the amazing content that we've had over these three days.

“We're very fortunate to have such a strong insurance and reinsurance sector here. It's worthy of celebration, it's worthy of telling that story to others around the globe, that we can continue to be a solution centre and a partner for those experiencing risks around the globe; and my sense is, it's only going to grow,” he said.

Looking forward to next year, Hart confirmed the event will return and hopes to encourage the “ecosystem” which has begun to develop around the conference.

“We will have a third annual Bermuda Risk Summit,” he said. “We do intend that this will be an annual event and that people will keep coming back and knowing our staff and our board.

“I expect that it will be bigger and better each year that we put it on.

“An ecosystem has started to grow around it,” he said. “There have been a number of companies and partners holding their own receptions, their own events, their own roundtable discussions which is really great to see,” he added.

Coming up later this year, the BDA is looking forward to its second annual Bermuda Climate Summit, also being held at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, from 26-27 June.

“Last year, we had an amazing inaugural event around climate and we invited roughly 100 thought leaders from around the world to come in and spend the day talking about not only the challenges that we face, but ways that Bermuda could provide solutions to the world when it comes to climate,” he said.

“And I have every hunch that this second annual climate summit that we'll have in June will easily be twice the size of the first one. The interest in that topic, and the need for creative thinking is tantamount, and we're excited to be a part of it,” he concluded.

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