NetDiligence highlights LatAm market at Miami Beach cyber risk conference

The organisers behind NetDiligence have wanted to create a specific programme for the Latin American market for some time, and seized the opportunity at the recent Cyber Risk Summit, which took place last week in Miami.

“It’s an amazing emerging market in cyber insurance,” Heather Osborne, director of global events and programming at NetDiligence, told The Insurer TV from the sidelines of the conference.

Osborne said the South Florida location ended up being the perfect spot for the industry to connect.

“So many companies from the insurance sector, forensics companies, even law firms have a Miami desk for all the work that they do in that region,” she said.

NetDiligence built out Latin American programming this year to include a full day of LatAm-focused sessions.

“We were in three languages. I had the headset on this morning, I felt like I was at the UN, and we had great attendance,” added Osborne.

NetDiligence holds a series of conferences throughout the year in various locations. Osborne says each one has a specific focus.

“We don't repeat a lot of content. We try to keep it evolving throughout the course of the year.’

The firm also has a digital library stacked with content all based on live programming.

“Our digital library is vast, and it's free so people can access it, whether they come to Miami or not or whether they just, you know, maybe they just go to the Philadelphia conference.”

But the director said in-person events are a huge draw post-Covid.

“The need to network and to have meetings and honestly just be in person to exchange ideas… that's where the creativity happens… [and it] has taken on equal importance to the actual content.”

Despite putting on a series of well-attended conferences throughout the year, Osborne stresses that NetDiligence “is not a conference company.”

“It's actually why we're really successful at conferences, we look at this primarily as a user event,” said Osborne.

“But the broader company does consulting and provides software products for the cyber insurance industry, primarily.”

Just like other firms attending the conference circuit, the NetDiligence team is spread across the globe. So conferences, even its own, are a chance for team members to leave behind rote Zoom calls and press the flesh in person.

“Conferences are really where we all come together and meet as a team and sort of have strategy stuff as well. So, it's a great opportunity,” said Osborne.

The global events director is already focused on the next NetDiligence conference, coming up in Toronto in March.

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