Imagining the future of work

How Covid-19 accelerated a transformation in work models and changed the associated risk landscape forever

Work models are changing. While the global pandemic accelerated many of the changes that have led to what we now regard as more normal working environments, hybrid work models that offer employees the autonomy to choose to work wherever and however they are most productive were already beginning to emerge.

It’s been well documented that flexible work models can lead to a more enlightened employee experience, better productivity and lower costs – all appealing outcomes.

But at the same time, the industry needs to think about what risks are associated with this new hybrid way of working, because in reality they are complex, intertwined and not yet properly understood, according to our panel of industry experts.

In the latest Risk Spotlight, WTW’s Adam Garrard, Global Head of Risk and Broking, and Julie Gebauer, Global Head of Health, Wealth & Career; and Liberty Specialty Markets’ Head of Liability Lines Stuart Sutherland and Chief Cyber Officer Jonathan Rigby explore the new risk landscape posed by changing work models and how this will ultimately impact a business’s organisational risk profile.

During the 10-minute docuseries episode, we cover:

  • Why the industry needs to turn its attention to organisational risk in light of changing work models
  • What emerging risks in this space look like, including: reputation, societal, mental and physical well-being risks
  • Why cyber attacks are on the rise and who, in an organisation, are the biggest risk
  • Evolving coverage in liability lines to ensure current products remain fit for purpose
  • Why this topic is aligned with ESG principles