Organised chaos: a cyber market story

Welcome to the final edition of Prospective for 2021, in which we take a tour of the cyber insurance market, looking at how and why coverage is evolving.

With both the frequency and severity of cyber insurance losses on the rise following a slew of incidents involving ransomware and other cyber attack vectors, carriers are looking to remediate quickly and constructively.

But, how are their clients responding to the changes we’re witnessing? And is there enough capacity available to cover the increasing demand for this class of business?

During the 20-minute episode, together with our line-up of market experts, we will be looking into the following:

  • Current state of the cyber insurance market
  • Drivers behind changing dynamics
  • Evolving coverage and solutions
  • Increasing role of alternative capital
  • Response from insureds

You will hear from Arch Insurance International’s Marcus Breese, Crawford & Company’s Paul Handy and Aon’s Reinsurance Solutions’ Catherine Mulligan.

Tune into this episode, as we call it a wrap for the year. Prospective will return in 2022 in addition to Leading Voices, Close Quarter and an exciting new asset launching soon…