Convex’s Catlin: It’s a “brave person” who says a pandemic won’t happen again

Watch Convex chairman and CEO Stephen Catlin share his thoughts on why “there is nowhere else quite like the Bermuda market”, the progress being made on the development of public-private partnership solutions for Covid-19 in the UK and bullish growth projections for Convex.

During the interview we discuss:

  • How Catlin is pushing for the UK government to look “prospectively” for a pandemic public-private partnership solution following a slowdown in progress on similar initiatives since 2020
  • How lessons from the pandemic can help the industry better understand cyber risk exposure
  • Why Lloyd’s still isn’t attractive enough to build a platform
  • Plans to write another $1bn in GWP over next two to three years
  • What makes the Bermuda market so attractive for the (re)insurance industry