Young Meteors with Acrisure Re’s Amy Potten

At times incisive, at others uninhibited, but always true to the experience of being a young person trying to ‘make it’ in the (re)insurance industry. That's the promise of The Insurer TV's latest series, Young Meteors.

Hosted in some of the industry’s most iconic haunts across different (re)insurance hubs, these pithy interviews with the market’s up and comers follow the career paths of under 35s as they navigate the hard and soft markets, peer competition and the struggles of work-life balance.

This brand new series, hosted by The Insurer TV’s George Abbott (our resident under 35), will canvass the experience of a wide selection of roles within the industry, from broking to underwriting, actuarial to claims handling, and much more. So, dive into the first episode of our Young Meteors series, where we explore the challenges, triumphs and preferred lunch spots of the industry's next generation of talent.

Our introductory episode was filmed at Cheese in Leadenhall Market with Amy Potten, senior vice president at Acrisure Re, who chose her career path for the same reason as many others – reinsurance brokers seem to have all the fun. Thrown in as a graduate trainee at Beach she learned to broker every reinsurance line within the portfolio, from terrorism to M&A, and was introduced to her market of choice, US treaty. The soft market was “a lot of fun, a lot of going out … following people around Lloyds”. But then the market hardened and with it came a steep learning curve, telling clients their rate had gone up “100 percent”.

Three years ago, Potten was put in charge of Acrisure Re’s US treaty team, whilst studying part time for an MBA and chairing the Under 35s Reinsurance Group. Now, her sights are set on bigger things: building out her client list and eventually becoming a partner at Acrisure Re.

As we celebrate International Women's Day today, get to know Potten before she’s on a panel near you, talking about what it's like to be a female (re)insurance CEO.

Watch The Insurer TV’s first Young Meteors episode to get Potten’s thoughts on:

  • How to tell a client about a 100% rate rise
  • Best at desk sandwich
  • The jump from managed to manager
  • The perks of learning your craft at a smaller company
  • How carriers can navigate climate change